Introducing the New RS5

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Just How Rugged is the GS1?

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GS1 Ruggedized Volumetric Water Content Sensor

The GS1 is a ruggedized version of Decagon Devices’ basic, no-frills soil moisture only sensor. It accurately measures volumetric water content in soil or soilless media. Decagon’s rugged GS1 was built to last long-term in the field. The epoxy body and stainless steel needles ensure that the sensor won’t break when installed into hard or stony soils.

Reasons to Pick the GS1

  • You need an inexpensive soil moisture sensor that lasts a long time
  • You need to measure VWC only in a harsh environment
  • You are setting up a large-scale network of soil moisture sensors

Read more about the GS1 Ruggedized Volumetric Water Content Sensor or email us at to inquire.