HOBO Plug Load Logger

  • Model: E-348-UX120-018
  • Manufactured by: Onset

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Product Description:
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The HOBO Plug Load logger is designed to monitor energy consumption of AC-powered plug in loads. This compact device can be used as a power meter with its built-in LCD for real-time energy monitoring or as a data logger that can record up to 1.4 million measurements for analysis. With the ability to view or log true RMS voltage (V), true RMS current (A), active power (W), active energy (Wh), apparent power (VA), and power factor (PF), the HOBO Plug Load logger provides you with an accurate log of your energy consumption of plug loads. Using HOBOware®, you can also easily configure the logger to calculate minimum, maximum, and average statistics during logging at a fixed sampling rate of 16.67 mS.

Key Advantages
  • 0.5% measurement accuracy enables more reliable plug load energy data
  • "Meter Mode" provides instant viewing of real-time plug load variables
  • Large memory enables faster logging intervals for more comprehensive plug load profiles
  • Battery back-up ensures logged data remains intact in the event of a power outage or load failure
  • Full-featured LCD display provides visual diagnostics for easy deployment
  • HOBOware software for graphing and analyzing plug load data