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Portable Wind Tunnel System

  • Model: I-A93-Portable Wind Tunnel

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Product Description:
  • designed for low velocity anemometer calibration
  • transparent precisely shaped measuring section, laminar airflow
  • factory calibration with LDA as references
  • automatic adjustment and control of flow velocity
  • software for automatic calibration and measurement data logging
  • stand with 360O rotation mechanism for accurate calibration in flow with different direction
  • generator of flow with fluctuating velocity for dynamic response test
  • optionally software for SensoAnemo transducers calibrating

The wind tunnel enables calibrating velocity sensors in the range of very low velocities. Precisely and accordingly shaped measuring section makes it possible for generation of laminar reference. The measuring section is made of transparent SIMOLUX plastic, which allows to observe the positioning of the sensor during calibration. The velocity range that can be achieved in the measuring section is 0.05 to 5 m/s. On the special request the wind tunnel can be equiped with second section which allows achieving of velocity to 10m/s.