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Thermal Conditions Monitoring System

  • Model: I-A93ThermCondSys 5500

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Product Description:
The ThermCondSys5500 is user friendly instrument for measuring, calculating and logging indoor climate data in moderate, hot and cold environments. It has been developed to meet the growing need for indoor climate monitoring equipment. The main futures of the equipment are:
  • mobility (moving from place to place)
  • easy fast configuration (connection)
  • low power consumption and long logging time
  • automatic sleeping mode and auto power down
  • wire-less communication between computer and measuring instruments

ThermCondSys5500 offers simultaneous measurement of several parameters at different locations and heights as prescribed in the present indoor climate standards.

An optional wire-less communication based on WLAN or ZigBee protocol enables measurements at location placed far way from the mobile stand. ThermalSys5000 is designed in compliance with ISO Standard 7726, ISO Standaed 7730, ISO Standaed 27243, ISO Standard 7933 and ASHRAE Standard 55.