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Air Temperature and Low Air Velocity Measuring System

  • Model: I-A93-AirDistSys 5000

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Product Description:
The AirSpeedSys5000 offers efficient solutions for air temperature and low air velocity measurements at several points in rooms, as well as in jets from air thermal devices. Many years experience and the latest achievement in electronics were used in designing of the system.

It offers the following properties:
  • simultaneous measurement of air speed and temperature at several points (up to 256 points)
  • high accuracy and sensitivity as recommended in the standarts
  • short response time sufficient for measurement of fluctuating air velocity
  • sensor calibrated with high precision in a wind tunnel with Laser-Doppler anemometer as reference
  • stable calibration with possibility for periodical re-calibration by user
  • several measuring units can be serially connected with one single cable, no measuring station or AD converter are required
  • small size, with anemometer transducer built into the probe
  • individual calibration certificate traceable to present ISO 7726, ISO 7730 and ASHRAE 55 standards
  • logging of the data can be done on a portable PC trough USB port.
  • wire-less communication enabling data logging from distance (e.g. measurements with mobile stand or far way from supply sources.