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  • Manufactured by: Tokyo Measuring Instruments Lab.

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The type of coating required and the application method differ depending on the environment in which the strain gauge is to be used. In general, if one type of coating is not sufficient, multiple coatings can be combined to protect the strain gauges. At TML, the coating applied directly to the surface of the strain gauge is referred to as the first coating, with subsequent coating layers referred to sequentially as the second coating, third coating, etc. Multi-layer coatings are recommended for strain gauge protection.

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) TML supplies an MSDS for all its strain gauge ahesives and coatings. Contact your TML supplier for more information.

Coatings in special substances

For use in special substances such as acids, alkalis and alcohols, contact TML or local representatives.

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Material Coatings Overview

W-1 General Purpose

N-1 General Purpose

K-1 Laboratory

SB tape

VM tape

Epoxy resin

Epoxy resin AV138

Three Bond 1521B

KE-348 Laboratory

TSE3976-B Laboratory