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Equotip Test Blocks

  • Model: G-896-Equotip Test Blocks
  • Manufactured by: Proceq/Screening Eagle

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Product Description:

The metal industries work with various materials that are subject to special treatments, leading to a specific hardness. E.g., engine blocks made from aluminium typically hold a relatively low metal hardness often measured in Leeb HL, Brinell HB or Rockwell HRB. In contrast, rollers used in steel rolling hold a hardness that can easily exceed 800 HLD ~60 HRC ~750 HV.

In order to verify that the Equotip tester is calibrated, the user is meant to conduct test impacts on a HL reference test block that is close to the hardness of the sample.

Equotip test blocks are available in 4 hardness ranges, placing users in the unique position where they can compare the readings of their instruments with the genuine HL calibration value marked on the test block.

  • Authority: Proceq’s Equotip is aligned with the Leeb scales of the major national institutes.
  • Accuracy: In accordance with the standards, the test blocks are calibrated using the impact device type later used in the application – without any conversion errors.
  • Versatility: Equotip test blocks cover a greater hardness range than any other manufacturers’ Leeb blocks.
  • Price / performance: Verifying instruments on test blocks can prevent expensive product recalls.