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White Light Interferometric Microscope System

  • Model: I-C93-BW-S50x
  • Manufactured by: Nikon Metrology

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Product Description:

Accurate sub-nano-surface profiler with non-contact measurement

Nikon’s proprietary scanning-type optical interference measurement technology achieves 1 picometer (pm) height resolution. Nikon offers a variety of optical microscopes as measurement systems to suit a wide range of measurement applications.

Key benefits

Superior measurement performance

  • Realizes 0.1 nm-level measurements of ultra-smooth surfaces with neither averaging nor filtering process.
  • Enables measurements with the same height resolution in a wide range of magnifications.
  • Enables measurement of both smooth and rough surfaces without changing measurement mode or optical filters.
  • Captures both an all-in-focus image and a surface height image.

Wide range of observation methods

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High Pixel Resolution Model
BW-S501 BW-S502 BW-S503 BW-S505 BW-S506 BW-S507
Measurement optical system Focus Variation with White Light Interferometry (FVWLI)
Height resolution (algorithm) 1pm (0.001 nm)
Step height measurement reproducibility σ: 8nm / 8μm step height measurement
Number of pixels 2046 x 2046, 1022 x 1022 (selectable via software)
Height measurement time 38 s, 16 s / 10 μm scan
Height measurement range < 90 μm < 20 mm < 90 μm < 20 mm
Measurement field size (using 2.5X) < 4448 x 4448 μm*
Piezo actuator Objective lens driven Nosepiece driven
Z axis Manual Electric Manual Electric
XY axis Manual Electric Manual Electric
Software Bridgelements® software modules



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