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  • Model: I-A73...
  • Manufactured by: Parker (LORD Microstrain)

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Product Description:

LORD MicroStrain's wireless sensor networks (WSN) enable simultaneous, high-speed sensing and data acquisition from multiple wireless strain gauges, accelerometers, temperature, and millivolt inputs. Our range of wireless sensing systems are ideal for both small scale applications requiring a few sensor nodes and large scale applications requiring hundreds of sensor nodes.

MicroStrain® wireless sensor nodes offer a streamlined solution for remote and embedded monitoring that eliminates the need to install or maintain wires. Our wireless nodes support a wide range of sensor types and packaging options, allowing users to quickly configure their optimal network. Furthermore, low-power designs are coupled with internal batteries, and optional energy harvesters, for long-term application.

G-LINK-200-R Rugged Wireless Accelerometer, 3-Axis, ASTM F2137 Compliant

G-LINK-200 Rugged Wireless Accelerometer, 3-Axis

SG-LINK-200 Rugged Wireless Strain/Analog Sensor Node, 3-Channel

TC-LINK-200 Wireless Thermocouple/Voltage Sensor Node, 12-Channel

V-LINK-200 Wireless Strain/Analog Sensor Node, 8-Channel

G-LINK-200-OEM Embeddable Wireless Accelerometer, 3-Axis

SG-LINK-200-OEM Embeddable Wireless Strain/Analog Sensor Node, 2-Channel

TC-LINK-200-OEM Embeddable Wireless Temperature Sensor Node, 1-Channel

RTD-LINK-200 Wireless RTD/Resistance Sensor Node, 6-Channel

TORQUE-LINK-200 Rugged Wireless Torque/Strain Sensor Node, 1-Channel