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  • Model: I-I31-KT19II
  • Manufactured by: Heitronics

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Product Description:

Non-contact temperature measurements:
Fast, precise and application oriented

High measuring accuracy and long-term stability
Fast response for real time process controls 
Precise focusing onto small targets 
Proprietary chopped radiation method

Temperature ranges from -100°C to > 3000°C

KT19II-Series covers a broad range of potential applications in research, in laboratory and in industrial manufacturing processes

The KT19II implements the most advanced infrared technology of the forthcoming generation. New performance features bring added functionality beneficial to difficult and complex applications. The KT19II sets unsurpassed standards in radiation pyrometry. The magnitude of available options and freely selectable operating parameters allows ideal adaptation for the specific requirements of all feasible applications.

High Performance in a Nut-Shell

The KT19II excels by a number of unequaled performance data:

  • The response time is adjustable from 5 msec, to monitor and control extremely short production cycles, up to 10 minutes, to integrate measurements in long-term thermal processes with an extremely high resolution.
  • The linearity error of less than 0.02 K over the entire temperature range allows calibration with high accuracy.
  • Due to the high resolution of 10 mK even smallest temperature differences can be proved.
  • The integrated multifunctional display allows the complete configuration of all functions and specific operating parameters.
  • Fields-of-view from 0.7 mm at low temperatures allow high optical resolutions.

The Features of the KT19II-Series

  • Excellent temperature resolution from 0.03°C
  • Laser marking point or display of field-of-view
  • Graphic LC-Display for displaying measuring value, programming parameter, alarms, etc
  • Valley-/peak picker with integrated alarm relay fully programmable
  • Four programmable analog outputs (0/4 - 20 mA, 0 - 10 V), programmable as actual measuring value, min-, max-, or mean-value output
  • Serial interface for programming and data transfer