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Fluid Cell High Accuracy Technology

  • Manufactured by: Posital Fraba

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Accurate measurement of the degree of tilt or inclination from a horizontal position is very important for many motion control systems or to ensure safety. Inclination sensors offer an easy and efficient way of monitoring spatial orientation without the need for mechanical linkages – a real advantage for design engineers.

  • High Accuracy of 0.1° and Resolution of 0.01°
  • Measurement Range ±80° (Dual Axis) or 360° (Single Axis)
TILTIX Inclinometers are based on highly dynamic MEMS (micro-Electro-mechanical Systems) technology or on high precision fluid cell technology.

Fluid Cell
In fluid filled inclinometers, the sensor cell is partially filled with an electrolytic liquid while the walls are covered with a pair of electrodes. As the sensor tilts, the level of fluid covering the electrodes changes. This results in an increase or decrease in the conductivity between the electrodes. The degree of tilt can be calculated from this measurement. Fluid cell inclinometers are capable of measuring inclinations of up to ±30° with a very high levels of precision. The natural damping of the liquids makes these inclinometers stable as well as precise.