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Inductive Proximity Switches

  • Manufactured by: Wenglor

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Product Description:

Wenglor inductive sensors are suitable for a wide variety of applications thanks to the variety of designs, housing materials and operating principles in the range. They are characterized by their high switching distances. This allows various standard applications to be covered by just one design.

Thanks to the lack of moving parts, these sensors are maintenance-free, wear-free, waterproof and resistant to dirt and shocks. They are short-circuit proof and can also be installed in any position. The service life of the sensors is not dependent on the switching frequency or number of measurement cycles.

An LC resonant circuit is arranged under the active surface of the inductive sensors. The electromagnetic field generated by this is affected when metals approach it (e.g. steel, aluminum, or brass). The output switches as soon as the metal reaches the set switching distance.

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