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  • Manufactured by: Gantner Instruments

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Q.station X – Edge Device for High Performance Monitoring
and Control, Remote Configuration and Universal Connectivity

Q.station X is a high-performance edge controller for data acquisition, which provides accurate synchronization of measurement data, high-speed redundant data logging, and parallel communication over TCP/IP, CAN, ProfiNet, Modbus, and EtherCAT. The Q.station X comes with an optional full-featured programmable application controller designed for complex control and automation tasks.


Q.monixx - The Smart Declaration of Independence for Your Measurement Tasks

Q.monixx is a new addition to the Q.series product family – the ideal edge computing and data logging solution for reliable process control and asset monitoring. The standard I/O configuration for the Q.monixx includes up to 8 universal analog inputs, 8 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs, 2 relay outputs and 4 serial ports for communication.

Also included are 4 data loggers for parallel data acquisition to either local ­storage or to a storage solution for easy accessibility, additional analytics, and detailed diagnostics. Third-party apps can also be hosted on the device.