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  • Model: I-G25-software
  • Manufactured by: Gantner Instruments

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Product Description:
The Gantner Instruments suite of software has been designed for maximum flexibility for users of all types including system designers, software developers, systems integrators, and end users.


For quick and easy setup, test.commander is the setup software for all e.series and Q.series systems (controllers and measurement modules).. Intuitive operation, a logical menu-driven structure and online help windows assure system configuration in minimal time. With test.commander and an Ethernet connection, the user can read, modify, and write all configuration data in the system via an open data structure and FTP-Client file transfers. User access levels can be set to protect system set up and integrity.

- Fast and simple configuration
- Online and offline modes
- Visualization of readings
- Comprehensive support features
- Wizard from switch-on to first reading
- Access rights for various hierarchic levels
- Creation of own module templates
- Uniform software for all systems

When only an e.bloxx or q.bloxx is required as a stand alone measurement module or expansion module for a Modbus or Profibus legacy system, then ICP 100 is the only tool you need for configuration and programming of the measurement module. Using a menu-driven style and a spreadsheet look and feel, ICP 100 easily handles all module configuration and documentation requirements with ease.

- Fast and simple configuration
- For all Q.bloxx, e.bloxx, and ISM series modules
- Database with standard and custom sensors
- Import custom sensor curves
- Free upgrade service


With the test.viewer software tool, online visualization and display of logged measurement is possible via multiple graphic windows. With powerful analysis tools (such as zoom functions, Y/t and Y/X displays, FFT analysis, etc.), test.viewer gives the operator a 'first look' at measurement data throughout the system. test.viewer can also convert logged data to other popular formats for further analysis via off the shelf packages such as DASYlab (*.ddf), MATLAB (*.mat), GreenEye(*.ged), Famos (*.dat), Excel (*.csv), and many others.

- Online and offline data visualize
- Y/t and Y/X displays
- Online FFT analysis
- Grouping of signals in the "explorer-style" menu
- Conversion of logged data into other formats such as GreenEye, DASYlab, Famos, MATLAB, Bernard, WAVE, and Excel.


Applications and PAC (programmable automation controller) functionality are easily (and graphically) programmed on the PC using test.con and then downloaded to either an e.pac or Q.pac test controller for stand alone embedded control strategies -- without the requirement for an on-line PC. Programming is accomplished via a 'drag & drop' variable and macro library and a click of a mouse. Not one line of code is needed to program your e.pac or Q.pac using test.con. Full application simulation and on line validation/verification testing is also standard.

- Simple functionality programmed on the PC
- Drag and drop desired function from extensive library
- Improved clarity due to macros
- Each function has in depth documentation and support
- Simulate the application in the PC before downloading the application
- Online testing available


With the test.node server software it is possible to read data from one or more test controllers (e.gate/pac or Q.gate/pac), format and/or convert this data to a desired file type, the store this resulting file in a desired location (PC, network, server, etc.). The test.node supports a 'date and time' directory tree structure that makes the management of large amounts of data much more efficient and effective. File names are easily definable, as are file sizes, transmission rates, etc.

- Converts data into different formats
- Stores data onto a local PC, network, or into a SQL data base
- Filenames are definable (data, time, structure)
- Copy & paste or cut & paste test controller data files
- Selectable transmission rates and file size
- Visualization of data online or offline