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Donut Style Load Cells

  • Model: I-305-D/TH/3336/3632
  • Manufactured by: Honeywell

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Product Description:

Honeywell’s donut style load cells feature a compact, smooth thru-hole design for use in applications which require the load structure to pass through the cell. Offered in either tension or tension / compression models, measuring load ranges from 150 g to 200000 lbs. Constructed of stainless steel or carbon steel. Special bolt and engine mount force sensor model constructed of aluminum. Typical applications include bolt force measurements, clamping forces, monitoring overloads post or leg mount, and rolling mill systems. If you need special modifications or a complete custom design to meet your unique requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • Donut style with thru hole design
  • Load ranges from 150 g to 30000 lbs to 15000 lbs to 200000 lbs
  • Compact column construction
  • Stainless or carbon steel construction
  • Special model for bolt and engine mount force sensing and other applications

Image Model Description


Model 3336 Tension/Compression Donut Load Cell, Ranges of 5,000 lb, 10,000 lb & 20,000 lb, ±0.30% full scale Accuracy, Fits in Tight or Limited Spaces, Carbon Steel


Model 3632 Compression Donut Load Cell, Range of 25,000 lb, 50,000 lb & 100,000 lb, ±0.25% full scale Accuracy, Compact Carbon Steel Column Construction


Model D Thru-Hole Load Cell, Range of 150 g to 30,000 lb, ±1.0% full scale Accuracy, Compression only, Stainless Steel


Model TH Thru-Hole Load Cell, Range of 15,000 lb to 200,000 lb, ±0.40% full scale Accuracy, Compact Column Construction, Stainless Steel