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CORI-FILL: Improved Dosing Applications

  • Model: I-841-CORI-FILL
  • Manufactured by: Bronkhorst High-Tech

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Product Description:

CORI-FILL™ technology features an integrated batch counter function together with the facility to directly control shut-off valves, proportional valves or (gear) pumps. Due to this technology, Bronkhorst can offer compact assemblies of (mini) CORI-FLOW™ instruments combined with a valve or pump, capable of dosing the exact desired amount of fluid.


  • Reduced production time due to simultaneous dosing of compounds.
  • Improved product quality due to less evaporation of volatile fluids.
  • Compact solution due to small footprint, without extended tubing between flow meter and valve or pump.
  • Reduced risk of gas inclusion that can cause delay effects.
  • High accuracy due to Coriolis technique and compact assembly.
  • Automatic overrun correction.
  • Fast response times (to less than 0.5 sec.).
  • Mass and volume dosage possible (using density information).
  • Less overhead for PLC/operating system thanks to CORI-FILL™ technology using integrated batch counter and direct actuator control.