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Naval Shaft Power Meter System

  • Model: I-A12-420
  • Manufactured by: Datum Electronics

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Product Description:

Datum Electronics Series 420 Naval Shaft Power Meter System provides an accurate tool for naval ship performance monitoring. It is able to assess and monitor propeller shafts on naval ships by measuring shaft speed, torque and power.

The Datum Naval Shaft Power Meter System was originally designed for use on the Royal Navy Hunt and Sandown Class Vessels. Later variations have been provided for the Royal Australian Navy, Korean Navy and the Indian Navy.

Datum Naval Shaft Power Measurement System

The Datum Electronics Series 420 Naval Shaft Power Meter System accurately measures the on-shaft torque (kNm), the speed of the shaft rotation (rpm) and the power (kW) that is going through the shaft. The data is transmitted from the shaft in a digital format that can be processed and scaled off-shaft. The data transmitted contains the torque level, the shaft speed and diagnostics data such as the on shaft voltage and power.

The System provides actual data on the power delivered that can be compared with the expected design performance, together with ongoing data, that will indicate any changes to this expected performance level. Condition monitoring of a system of this type is important to any modern day vessel. Being able to accurately measure and record the ship's power and speed data can help towards determining equipment condition and efficiency. It’s a pro-active measure with the specific purpose of improving performance and efficiency through a ship transmission system.

Ship Performance Monitoring System Setup
The Series 420 Naval Shaft Power Meter System includes a shaft Unit which is fitted to the ship shaft to measure torsional strain and rotational speed. A separate stator unit is then fixed inline with the shaft and transmits the data off the shaft to the control unit.

A Control Unit to provide power to, and take data from, the shaft units, to calculate calibrated torque and shaft power (as a function of measured torque & speed). The Control Unit also records & displays accumulated running hours for each shaft.

An optional Remote Display Unit to display, Torque, Rotational Speed (and direction ‘AHEAD’ or ‘ASTERN’) and Calculated Power from Both Shafts.