Torque Watch Gauges

  • Model: I-305-366/651/940
  • Manufactured by: Honeywell

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Product Description:

Honeywell offers a series of torque watch gauges for measurement of very low, low static and high range torque. Honeywell’s mid and high range torque watches utilize a calibrated spring shaft and pointer assembly within a rugged, steel and aluminum housing. To minimize friction, the low range series features a calibrated spring, shaft and pointed assembly mounted in jeweled bearing. All units can measure torque in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. The internal stainless steel rotation stops help prevent damage from over-torque up to two times the normal range (three times the normal range for the low range series). Still don’t see exactly what you need? Rely on Honeywell’s expertise and custom engineering capabilities to design a solution to fit your particular application and operating environment.


  • Accurate measurement of high range, low static or very low torque
  • Torque measurement ranges from 0.2 gm-cm up to 2.8 k gm-cm [0.003 in-oz up to 200 in-oz] or [0.1 N-mm up to 265 N-mm]
  • Accuracy ranges from 2%, 5% and 10% depending on model
  • Keyed chuck or miniature adapter chucks
  • Dial indication
  • Overload protection
Image Model Description


Model 366 Low Range Reaction Torque Watch Gauge, from 0.2 g-cm to 42 g-cm Accuracy: 0.06 oz-in to 0.6 oz-in, 6 g-cm to 42 g-cm ( +/- 5% ), 0.01 oz-in to 0.1 oz-in, 0.003 oz-in to 0.03 oz-in, 1 g-cm to 7.5 g-cm, 0.2 g-cm to 2 g-cm ( +/- 10 % )


Model 651 Mid Range Reaction Torque Watch Gauge, 2.8 gm-cm to 2,800 gm-cm Accuracy: +/- 2%


Model 940 High Range Reaction Torque Watch Gaguge, 0.1 Nm to 1.4 Nm Accuracy: +/- 2%