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Laser profile scanner

  • Model: I-464-Various
  • Manufactured by: Micro-Epsilon

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Product Description:
Laser line sensors from Micro-Epsilon are among the highest performing profile sensors in the world with respect to accuracy and measuring rate. They detect, measure and evaluate profiles on different object surfaces. The available models are suitable for numerous industrial applications. The integrated intelligence in their sensor head (scanCONTROL SMART and gapCONTROL) solves versatile measurement tasks. Models for the customer’s own programming are available for integrators. The scanCONTROL and gapCONTROL sensors do not require any external controller.
Micro-Epsilon laser line sensors (also called laser scanners or profile scanners) are available in different classes (Compact, Highspeed, Smart, gapCONTROL) in order to meet the different user requirements. Furthermore, the user can choose between three perfectly matched product series (26xx, 27xx und 29xx)
Various possibilities for data transmission
The sensors can be easily integrated into an existing customer software either via the available SDKs or the GigE Vision Standard which all scanCONTROL sensors meet (integration into image processing software). The sensors of the scanCONTROL SMART or gapCONTROL classes can directly transfer the measured values to the control systems using the following interfaces:
  • Ethernet (UDP/Modbus TCP)
  • RS422 (ASCII/Modbus RTU)
  • Analog, digital (with scanCONTROL Output Unit)
  • Profinet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT (with scanCONTROL Gateway)
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