Bench Thermometer

  • Model: I-A93-5020-1000
  • Manufactured by: Dostmann Electronic

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Product Description:

The DDM 1000 is designed for precise temperature measurements as demanded in calibration-laboratory use and quality assurance. The accuracy is adapted to the uncertainties of fix-point-cells for precise sensor calibrations. Pt 10-, Pt-25- and Pt 100-Sensors can be used at the same time. The resolution of up to 0,02 mK often is needed in physical and chemical laboratories.

Product features

  • Accuracy: 0,1 mK
  • Resolution: 0,02 mK
  • Range: -220 °C to +1200 °C
  • Pt100, -25 and Pt10-Sensors
  • User defined coefficients for ITS 90 and EN60751
  • Fast measurements: up to 8/s
  • Excellent long-time stability
  • Compensation of self heating error
  • No impairment of the measurement results through parasitic thermovoltage
  • Extensible up to 81 measuring channels
  • True 4-wire-technique with Lemo-plugs
  • High EMC
  • High data reliability in terms of sensor coefficients
Technical data The following specifications are only valid for a nominal
operating voltage and a environmental temperature of 23°C.
Measuring range -200°C up to 962°C (according to ITS-90)
-200°C up to 850°C (according to DIN EN60751)
Resolution 0,02 mK
Measuring uncertainty 0,1 mK (optionally 5 mK in the range of -50°C up to
Measuring channels 2 (optionally up to 81 with external multiplexers)
Sensors Pt-100/Pt-25/Pt-10 in a four-conductor-technology
Connectors Lemo 1S, quadripolar, in front panel
Measuring current about 0,5 mA switched DC (about 1 mA for Pt-25)
Measuring time about 1 sec. per channel, about 0,1 sec. per channel with
reduced resolution
Long-term stability 5 mK / year
Temperature coeff. 1 mK/K
Display LCD, LED backlight, 2 lines ¨¤ 16 characters, 9 mm height
Units °C, °F, K, Ohm
Interface RS-232, isolated
Operation menu orientated, alternatively controllable by your PC
Memory 128 KB (optionally 512 KB)
Suppy 230 V, 50 Hz / 115 V, 60 Hz about 15 VA
Size 260 x 80 x 240 (width x height x depth in mm)
Weight about 2,5 kg