P795 High Precision Reference Thermometer

  • Model: I-A93-5000-0795
  • Manufactured by: Dostmann Electronic

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Product Description:

High precision instrument for temperature (±0,01), with memory for 4.000 measurements. The instrument is designed for application of the quality assurance, e.g. testing climatic chambers, calibration thermostats, oven...or thermoelectrical processes. For the battery-powered instrument we provide a separate power supply as an option. The measuring interval is adjustable between 1 second and 30 minutes. The P795 measuring system is the perfect standard to test subordinated instruments or systems. For traceability we recommend to order those instruments with a calibration certificate.

P795 Precision hand held Thermometer (Pt100) with data logging for 4,000 measurements

  • 2-channel-instrument, for Pt100 according EN 60751
  • Simultaneous display of two measured values or differential measurement
  • Recording maximum, minimum, hold and average values (average over user selectable time)
  • Integrated calibration function(According EN60751, up to 20 points)
  • High measuring accuracy (+ 0,010 °C)
  • Resolution of 0.001°C below 200°C
  • Password protection for calibration function
  • USB interface
  • Manufacturers test certificate included
  • Data Logger function for up to 4000 measurements
  • Optional DKD or ISO- system calibration certification
Inputs Pt100 according to EN 60751
Measuring range
Pt100 -200°C...+850°C
Pt100 ±0,015°C from -50°C...+199,99°C
±0,025% of reading for the remaing range
Resolution 0,001°C from -200°C...+200°C
remaining range 0,01°C
EX-mark -
Memory 4000 measurements
Measuring interval Adjustable: 1 second...30 minutes
Output USB
Connectors 8-pole DIN 45326
Working temperature 0°C...+40°C
Display 2-line LCD
Housing plastic (ABS)
Dimensions 200 x 85 x 40 mm (LxWxH)
Weight 300 g
Power supply 9 V battery
Battery life appr. 20 h