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Analogue Dynamic Strain Meters

  • Manufactured by: Tokyo Measuring Instruments Lab.

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Product Description:
Strain that changes over time is called dynamic strain, and is measured using a dynamic strainmeter. Dynamic strainmeters output changes in strain as analog signals that are recorded, measured and analyzed using external recording devices. As a rule, a meter and recording device is required for each measuring point channel.

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DA-17A - 1 channel carrier type, band: 2.5kHz, digital monitors, Computer Control

DA-37A - 1 channel carrier type, band: 10kHz, digital monitors, Computer Control

DA-18A - 1 channel carrier type, band: 2.5kHz

DA-38A - 1 channel carrier type, band: 10kHz

DC-96A/DC-97A - 1 channel DC type (constant voltage/current), band: DC-96A,200kHz / DC-97A,500kH