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Types of Lead Wires

  • Manufactured by: Tokyo Measuring Instruments Lab.

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Product Description:
Most gauges used for strain measurement are equipped with lead wires to simplify the installation procedure. Many TML strain gauges are provided with lead wires for added customer convenience. TML can provide most strain gauges with the type of lead wires requested by the customer.

1m lead with a strain gauge attached vinyl lead wire terminal connector. F, PF, P gauge connector will connect with the processing of the series lead. You can use the connector with strain gauge and the specimen if there is more than one such body the same gauge connection in the vicinity of the specimen to be extended, No need for wiring to reduce the disposal of the lead can.

This relay cable consists of an extension and relay terminals of the same type as those used in the switching box. The cable allows connection of a quarter-bridge strain gauge. By routing the relay cable to a location near the test specimen, the strain gauge does not require long lead wires for attachment to the specimen. Relay cable can be used repeatedly.

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