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JEOL Scanning Electron Microscopes

  • Model: H92-various
  • Manufactured by: JEOL

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Product Description:
JEOL has played a leading role in the development and evolution of scanning electron microscopes since the early 1960s. JEOL provides valuable applications support, comprehensive training, and award-winning service for the long lifetime of our instruments.

JEOL innovations in resolution and functionality enable the microscopist to better image and characterize a new generation of nanomaterials, capture biological details, analyze forensic evidence in detail, direct write fine nanopatterns, and pinpoint elusive quality problems.

InTouchScope SEMs

Field Emission SEMs
  • JSM-7900F Ultra high resolution, analytical, flexible, high vacuum or variable pressure SEM
  • JSM-7610FPlus High resolution semi-in-lens SEM
  • JSM-7200F High resolution, analytical, flexible, high vacuum or variable pressure SEM

Benchtop SEM

MultiBeam FIB/SEMs
  • JIB-4700F Flexible, high performance ion column and field emission electron column FIB/SEM
  • JIB-4000 Single column sample prep FIB

Analytical Optimization
  • Soft X-ray Emission Spectrometer offers light element detection (Li), trace level sensitivity and performs chemical state analysis at the nano-micro scale. Can be installed on 7200F and 7900F
  • 7000F Series and InTouchScope SEMS Accessories include the following: STEM, EDS (multiple ports), WDS, EBSD, CL, hot and cold stages, tensile stages, probers, e-beam lithography, inert transfer of samples, etc.