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C 2000 Basic Calorimeter Version 1

  • Model: G-D35-0008801801
  • Manufactured by: IKA

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Product Description:
The C 2000 basic IKA- calorimeter is a combustion calorimeter for determining gross calorific values of liquid and solid samples. A high level of automation with extremely simple handling characterizes this instrument. In addition to the isoperibolic measurement procedure (static jacket), a dynamic (reduced-time) working method is also available. To provide the calorimeter with cooling water, it needs to be connected to a thermostat f.e. IKA KV 600 ( accessory) or a firmly installed water connection. The C 2000 basic is equipped with a very convenient console to operate the unit.
  • Automatic water handling system includes tempering, filling and emptying of calorimeter inner vessel
  • Automatic oxygen filling of decomposition vessel
  • Automatic decomposition vessel identification
  • Automatic sample ignition
  • Validation according to DIN 51900,ISO 1928, ASTM D240, ASTM D4809, ASTM D5865, ASTM D1989, ASTM D5468, ASTM E711
  • Working methods: isoperibol, measurement time: approx. 22 min / dynamic, measurement time: approx. 7 min
  • Compact, integrated modular design for convenient operation
  • Cooling water supply via thermostat f.e. IKA KV 600 (accessory) or firmly installed water connection (C 25 pressure regulating valve recommended)
  • Interface connections for each of the following: scale, printer, monitor and sample rack C 5020
  • User-friendly software C 5040 CalWin for controling the calorimeter and administration of measuring data
  • Up to eight measurement cells can be controlled by a single PC, using a multi-serial plug-in card PCI 8.2 (accessory)
  • LIMS integration is possible
  • Special halogen resistent vessel for quantitative decomposition of halogens and sulfur ( accessory)
  • The decomposition vessel can be changed over to use combustible crucibles C 14 ( accessory C5010.4 is needed)