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Ford Viscosity Cup

  • Model: G-118-H-1530.X
  • Manufactured by: Humboldt Manufacturing

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Product Description:
Used in determining of paint, lacquers and related coatings. Cup body is machined from aluminum; orifice is brass. Orifice not included with H-1530 cup, order from chart below. Cup-orifice combination (Ford 2, 3 or 4) should be selected to provide an efflux time within the 20 to 100-second range. Measurements with the Ford viscosity cup shoe be made at temperatures of 25oC +/- 0.1o (77oF +/- 0.2o) with specified thermometer. Complies with ASTM D333, D365, D1200.

Ford Viscosity Cup w. No. 1 Orifice
Ford Viscosity Cup w. No. 2 OrificeH-1530.2
Ford Viscosity Cup w. No. 3 OrificeH-1530.3
Ford Viscosity Cup w. No. 4 OrificeH-1530.4
Ford Viscosity Cup w. No. 5 OrificeH-1530.5