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eDry™ Asphalt Emulsion Dryer

  • Model: G-A30-eDRY
  • Manufactured by: Instrotek

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Product Description:
The Quickest Nondestructive Method for Emulsion Drying

The NEW eDry Upgrade Kit for the InstroTek CoreDry is the quickest and most effective method for drying asphalt emulsions. In less than 30 minutes, the CoreDry eDry Emulsion Kit can be used to dry up to 5 grams of asphalt emulsions. The CoreDry’s patented vacuum technology allows pavement engineers to quickly determine the appropriate binder content and application rates while retaining the rheological properties of the binder. 

Alternative methods like ASTM 6934 subject the emulsion to high temperatures thereby changing the characteristic of the residual binder. Lower temperature options like ASTM D7497 wont harm the sample, but take several steps and can last over 48 hours.

The eDry method combines the best of both worlds and provides a fast and nondestructive method for asphalt emulsion drying. The eDry methods works on any type of emulsions including slurry seals, tack coats, fog seals, and chip seals. FTIR and DSR tests performed on both the eDry and ASTM D7497 (low temperature) samples prove that the eDry method retains all the rheological properties of the binder while offering the quickest drying times. The new eDry method from InstroTek is simple, fast and effective. 

  • Does not change or affect the rheological properties of the binder
  • Dries emulsions in approximate 30 minutes
  • Dries up to 5 grams of asphalt emulsion
  • No dependent on emulsion type or additives
  • Process is completely automatic
  • Not dependent on emulsion type or additives