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Pundit Live Array Pro

  • Model: G-896-327 30 110
  • Manufactured by: Proceq/Screening Eagle

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Product Description:
Largest display in the market
The Swiss Made Pundit Live Array Pro is wirelessly connected with an iOS app to an Apple® iPad. Thus, the Pundit Live Array Pro allows instant imaging on a high-resolution touchscreen of up to 12.9 inches (iPad Pro) which makes it the largest ultrasonic pulse echo display in the industry. 

Your Benefits 
  • Real-time tomography 
  • Smart A.I. user support and positioning 
  • Increased productivity

Measuring Range: >1 m depending on concrete quality

Bandwidth: 15 to 100 kHz

Technology: Phased array ultrasonic pulse echo

Measuring Resolution: 1 μs

Pulse Voltage UPV: -

Pulse Voltage UPE: ±150 V

Receiver Gain: 1 to 10’000x (0 to 80 dB)

Nominal transducer frequency: 50 kHz shear wave

Pulse Shape: Square wave

Pulse Delay: 8 ms – 200 ms

Number Of Channels: 8 (with upgrade option to 16)

  • Quality assessment and uniformity
  • Thickness measurement from a single side
  • Location of delaminations, voids and honeycoming
  • Location of hollow pipes
  • Location of pipes and tendon ducts beyond the rebar layer
  • Assessment of fibre reinforced concrete

High resolution imaging of thickness variations, delaminations, voids and tendon ducts

Cursors for depth and horizontal displacement information.
Settings directly accessible on measuring screen.
AI positioning system.
Automatic back wall detection.
Automatic pulse velocity estimation.

PC Software
Browser-based webtool

Any compatible Apple® iPad (iOS 9.0 and higher)

Up to 512 GB (depending on the Apple® iPad model)

Wi-Fi connection to Apple® iOS tablet, USB port for Wi-Fi module

Measurement Modes 
Line scan
Rugged, compact and lightweight Pundit Array Transducer. Standard: Single handed transducer. Dual handle upgrade for increased control (buttons on both handles, optimize gain settings and trigger a measurement). Upgrade to 16 channels for double the scan width