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Volumeasure® Membrane Density Meter

  • Manufactured by: Hoskin Scientific Limited

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Product Description:
  • Protective aluminum guard with carrying handle for convenience at the job site.
  • Dual-scale cylinders, graduated in both English and Metric units.
  • 1/20 cu. ft. (1,596 ml) capacity.

The Volumeasure® is a direct reading instrument used to determine the in-place density of compacted or firmly bonded soils and construction fill materials.The device is easily operated and requires no calibration after leaving the factory. The graduated cylinders used in the Volumeasure® are calibrated for volume with graduations permanently marked on the cylinder walls. Incorporating the liquid filled balloon principle, the Volumeasure® consists of a graduated cylinder, aluminum guard, base, pressure-vacuum actuator bulb, rubber balloons and a field density plate.


Graduated Cylinder Heavy-duty plastic; dual graduated
Balloons Resilient latex
Guard Aluminum with integral carrying handle
Guard Base Aluminum; with fittings, outlets, valves and vent tube for balloon and actuator bulb
Actuator Bulb Double acting type for pressure or vacuum; fitted with adapter, quick coupler and valve assembly
Density Plate Aluminum with flanged sides;
9" x 9" x 3/4" h. (229 x 229 x 19 mm)
Operating Liquid Water
Weight Net 12 lbs. (5.4 kg)

Ordering Information
EI29-4522. 1/20 cu. ft. (1,596 ml) capacity.

EI29-4524. Volumeasure® Pressure Gauge. For use in controlling the applied pressure during calibration and testing procedures.

Replacement Parts
EI29-4522/10. Balloons. Pkg. of 12.
EI29-4522/11. Graduated Cylinder and Gasket Set. 1/20 cu. ft.
(1,596 ml) capacity.
EI29-4522/13. Actuator Bulb Assembly.

Special Note:
Optional Volumeasure® Pressure Gauge is recommended for testing in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO standards.