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Soil Freeze Thaw Chamber

  • Model: G-I04-B0100
  • Manufactured by: Schleibinger

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Product Description:
Soil Freeze / Thaw Chamber According To The CBR-F Test
Swiss Standard SN 670 321a (2001).

Before the test the optimal water content of the soil specimen is set. The simple 5 days test is based on complete freeze thaw cycle with realistic temperature gradients. The vessel is made of a a thermal insulating material. The expansion is measured by a high precision LVDT gauge.
Also temperatures on the bottom and on the top of the specimen is recorded. 

The specimen fits the test if:
  • the maximum of expansion during freezing is below a certain limit.
  • the loss of strength after thawing is below a certain limit. The strength is determined by the standard proctor test.
It is recommended to make several tests to determine the influence of the water content in the CBRF value. For example 3 different water contents may be applied.