WebMonitor Web-Based Data Access System

  • Manufactured by: Senceive

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Product Description:

Senceive's WebMonitor is an easy-to-use, web-based data access system which provides customers with a user friendly tool for the management of Senceive monitoring solutions that have been deployed in the field.

WebMonitor is highly configurable to suit the specifics of your monitoring project. Customisable site images, calculations and alert triggers are just the start of what is possible. Role based access control and HTTPS are used to ensure your data stays safe. 

Different options are available to transfer WebMonitor data into other systems, including periodic FTP(S) uploads in a variety of formats and an HTTP API.


  • Customisable site images or maps for display of overlaid sensor data
  • Interactive data visualisation, including time series and beam / IPI chain style charts  
  • Sophisticated alerting engine
    • Multiple trigger levels
    • SMS and/or email alerts
  • No data lock in
    • Automatic FTP with different file formats available
    • HTTP API for data samples
    • Easy to download datasets in CSV format
  • Role-based user control access
    • Reduces the number of accounts each user requires
    • Roles are configurable to suit your organisation 
  • All modern web browsers supported
  • No need to license and manage your own servers
  • No per-user licensing
  • Custom branding available