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Optical Displacement Sensor Node

  • Manufactured by: Senceive

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Product Description:

The Optical Displacement Sensor Node is an instrument which uses optical means to take high precision displacement measurements. These outputs are then passed through Senceive’s wireless communications network to a Gateway.

The distance measurement provides information about the deformation of a targeted structure and the tilt measurement informs the user on the stability of the sensor itself and of the reference structure where it is mounted.

Optical Displacement sensing is ideal for many structural and geotechnical monitoring applications, including those measuring:

  • Convergence/divergence for tunnel/arch intrados or bridge abutments
  • Vertical movements for structural settlement/heave
  • Lateral movements such as rail track slew
  • Earthworks and embankment movement
  • Water level monitoring/dewatering


  • Fully integrated unit
  • Extremely low noise performance
  • Optical sensor resolution of 0.1 mm and repeatability of ± 0.15 mm
  • Triaxial tilt sensor resolution of 0.0001° (0.0018mm/m) and repeatability of ±0.0005° (±0.009 mm/m)
  • Integrated long life battery
  • 10 years battery life, including when acting as a relay node within the mesh communications network
  • Easy to align with target when using the magnet triggered aiming mode
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Waterproof to IP66/IP67/IP68
  • Firmware is remotely upgradeable over the air via the gateway reducing costly site visits

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