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TA 4 Online Colorimeter

  • Model: G-756-178109
  • Manufactured by: Tintometer Limited

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Product Description:

The Lovibond® TA 4 online system enables instant monitoring of colour quality throughout the manufacturing process. With assisted implementation by trained Lovibond® personnel, it is designed to be an easy-to-use monitoring system with the accuracy guaranteed of the Lovibond® brand.

The online system provides objective colour data for continuous process control, allowing near real-time process information to be obtained at a low analytical cost. The system can be used for the measurement of constituent concentrations, early detection of trace contaminants and quality assurance analysis. Analytical results can be fed back for automatic process control and optimisation.

This new generation of online colorimeters utilise diode array spectrophotometers which measure a near real-time response across the spectrum (380 to 780 nm) or less. This spectrophotometric approach allows for the use of of internationally recognised colour coordinate systems, such as CIELAB and CIE xzY with the subsequent translation of colour data to industry specific colour scales, as referenced be standardising bodies such as AOCS, DGF, ISO and ASTM.