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TESC-5133 Low Temperature Viscometer

  • Model: G109-TESC-5133
  • Manufactured by: Cannon Instruments

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Product Description:

For Low Temperature Viscosity of Engine Lubricants Automated ASTM D5133

Product Features & Benefits
Fully integrated and automated thermal
conditioning and testing (–42 °C to +90 °C)

  • Provides an automated alternative to ASTM D5133 sample conditioning and testing
  • Reduces result variability due to temperature fluctuation
  • Provides superior precision
  • Allows for unattended operation

Sample thermal conditioning completed without operator intervention

  • Reduces instrument set-up time
  • Windows® 10 software application records sample temperature and viscosity throughout the test, then computes the temperature (Gel Index Temperature) at which there is a rapid change in viscosity (Gel Index).

Cost effective, ultra-compact design

  • Allows installation of multiple TESC Systems in a relatively small benchtop area for redundancy and greater testing versatility
  • Conserves precious bench space

Easy-lift system

  • Configured for use with the Brookfield® DV2T viscometer 1/2 RV
  • Simplifies positioning of the viscometer head Solid-state thermoelectric cooling
  • Peltier cooling is environmentally friendly and does not require the use of hazardous bath fluids
  • Enclosed sample chamber provides a uniform, controlled temperature environment during the entire test.