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Grease Tester

  • Model: G-G85-MINITEST FFK
  • Manufactured by: Grabner Instruments

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Product Description:
Flow-Properties of Lubrication Grease according to Kesternich (DIN 51805)

MINITEST FFK automatically determines the flow-pressure properties of lubricating grease at low temperatures down to -60°C by means of the Kesternich test. The original and time-consuming method is now fully automated and themeasuring range is extended far below the original one, resulting in a considerably improved test precision.

A powerful two stage Peltier element avoids the use of a large and expensive cryostat. The principle of the test is based upon the necessary pressure build-up to press an amount of grease through a standard test nozzle at a preset temperature.

  • Fully Automatic
  • Temperature Adjustable from -60 to +30°C (-76 to + 86°F)
  • Thermoelectric Cooling without Cryostat (Peltier Elements)
  • Portable and User Friendly
  • Powered by Vehicle Battery for Field Use