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Windflow WF4 Wind Sensor

  • Manufactured by: IAV Technologies/ISAW Products

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Product Description:

The WindFlow WF4 sensor is an unbreakable hurricane-resistant wind-speed instrument.

It is a very low-power, maintenance-free and totally sealed acoustic instrument with no mobile parts.

The instrument includes a dedicated analog conditioning module, a digital I/O module and an analog restitution module that can be connected conveniently to almost any external central unit (data logger, industrial module interface, instrumentation DAQ, USB port).

The sensing part of the instrument is a cylindrical, anti-abrasion, anti-adhesion and anti-rime coated tube supported by one strong stainless steel arm.

Wind laminar air friction induces change in internal acoustic pressure. The excitation is converted into a wind speed signal as a result of a specific acoustic, mechanical and electronic design.

The configuration of the sensor can be fully customized, in a non-volatile memory, with a Plug-and-Play computer connection thanks to a universal USB dongle accessory provided with the sensor.

  • Instrument with no mobile parts – totally sealed acoustic instrument
  • Universal mounting kit available
  • Omni-directional – even under the highest winds
  • Corrosion free and resistant to the highest winds and the most extreme conditions
  • Plug-and-Play or totally configurable – microcontroller inside
  • Can be connected to almost any external central unit SDI-12 and IoT compatible – internal memory
  • Swiss made


  • Wind speed monitoring of strong winds and hurricanes
  • Surveillance of high wind areas
  • Securisation of high-voltage lines
  • Meteorological, industrial and scientific applications
  • Railway surveillance

Fields of Application

  • Highly exposed weather stations
  • Marine
  • Road, rail and cable transport
  • Industrial installations
  • Agriculture