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O2, pH, and CO2 Dynamics in the Rhizosphere of Roots

  • Manufactured by: PreSens

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Measure and Visualize Oxygen, pH or Carbon Dioxide Distributions in 2D for Biological Research

  • Non-invasive mapping of metabolic activities
  • Imaging of living samples
  • Free choice of measurement conditions
  • USB powered & portable device
  • One device instead of thousands of individual sensors

Fluorescent chemical optical sensor foils combined with imaging technology allow easy 2D visualization of oxygen, pH or carbon dioxide distributions in heterogeneous samples. For measurement the sample surface is covered with the sensor film, which translates the analyte content into a light signal. The sensor response is recorded pixel by pixel with a digital camera. With VisiSens™ spatial and temporal changes of oxygen, carbon dioxide concentration or pH can be monitored.


  • Non-invasive mapping of metabolic activity using sensor foils
  • Imaging of living samples
  • Free choice of measurement conditions
  • Reliable addressing regions with low or high O2, CO2 or pH
  • More than 100,000 sensing points within one single image
  • USB powered & portable
  • Easy evaluation via image processing software

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