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EC-5 VWC Sensor

  • Model: E-240-40593
  • Manufactured by: Meter (formerly Decagon / UMS)

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Product Description:

The EC-5 Soil Moisture Sensor is your all-around ideal soil moisture sensor. The EC-5 obtains volumetric water content by measuring the dielectric constant of the media through the utilization of capacitance/frequency domain technology. In addition, the EC-5 sensors incorporate a high frequency oscillation, which allows the sensor to accurately measure soil moisture in any soil or soilless media with minimal salinity and textural effects.

The EC-5 continues to be our lowest-cost soil moisture sensor allowing you to monitor soil moisture in multiple locations and depths even on a tight budget. In the field, the robust design of the EC-5 allows the sensor to be pushed directly into undisturbed soil. However, the compact design of the EC-5 makes it possible to measure volumetric water content in labs and greenhouses. Factory calibrations are included for mineral soils, potting soils, rockwool, and perlite.

EC-5 Soil Moisture Sensor Applications:

•Watershed characterization
•Vadose zone monitoring
•Plant-soil-water interaction studies

More options:

E-240-40581 - EC-5 5cm VWC sensor w/ bare tinned lead wires

E-240-40578 - EC-5 5cm VWC sensor w/ Custom length

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