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Geological Prospecting Kit

  • Manufactured by: Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

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Product Description:
Prospecting kit for geological surveys

  • Soil profile description and classification
  • Soil sampling above groundwater table
  • Soil sampling below groundwater table
Eijkelkamp Soil & Water composed a prospecting kit for general geological surveys.

The kit can be used for augerings in heterogeneous soils (agricultural and environmental soil research), to improve the mobility it comprises less different auger types. In this way it can be transported in a carrying bag. All augers, handles and extension rods are packed in a backpack. With this standard kit it is possible to execute manual augerings to a depth of 7 metres, without great physical effort. The set is also used to drill shotholes by hand in areas with difficult access. Each seismic field crew should have a set available for scouting and drilling purposes. The backpack ensures quick mobilisation and quicker tracking in the bush.

The prospecting kit includes 4 types of Edelman augers (clay-, sand-, coarse sand- and combination type), a Riverside auger, a stony soil auger and a handle with extension rods. The augers and extension rods have bayonet connections; a very fast coupling with little weight.

Benefits Prospecting kit for geological surveys:

  • Basic soil sampling set with most essential augers
  • Will cope with soft and hard soils
  • Drills up to seven meters
  • One man operated
  • Light weight 17 kg