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RT-1 Soil Temperature Sensor

  • Model: E-240-40658
  • Manufactured by: Meter (formerly Decagon / UMS)

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Product Description:

Measure Soil Temperature

The rugged RT-1 soil temperature sensor is an easy-to-use sensor for measuring the temperature of soil or other materials.

Weatherproof for Long-Term Use

The sensor is stainless steel, completely water proof, submersible, and designed for continuous outdoor use.

Plug and Play Technology

The rugged temperature sensor can be used with either the Em5B logger or the Em50 logger series.  However, typical users of the Em50 series logger prefer to measure soil temperature in conjunction with their soil moisture measurement using the 5TM.

More options:

E-240-40668  -  RT-1 Ruggedized Soil Temp Sensor w/ bare tinned lead wires (5 m cable)

E-240-40669  - RT-1 Custom Length