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PHYTOS-31 Leaf Wetness Sensors

  • Model: E-240-40020
  • Manufactured by: Meter (formerly Decagon / UMS)

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Product Description:
The PHYTOS 31 lets you know leaf wetness in no uncertain terms. It measures both the onset and duration of wetness on a simulated leaf, which in turn predicts when the onset of certain diseases or infections may occur. It’s not only a more accurate instrument, it’s also the easiest to set up, making it a simple and straightforward solution to several problems.
  • Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Detect leaf wetness and ice formation
  • Sensitivity without false positives
  • Mimics a real leaf, so moisture will condense/evaporate as it would on a normal leaf
  • Plug and play capability
  • Use with the EM60G data logger for remote data collection
  • No need to create thresholds when used with the EM60G data logger

Measurement speed10 ms
Sensor type Frequency domain
Output 320 - 1000 mV @ 3 V excitation
Operating environment -40 to 60 °C
Power 2.5 VDC @ 2 mA, to 5 VDC @ 7 mA
Cable length 5 m standard, custom lengths available
Cable connector type 3.5 mm "stereo" plug or stripped and tinned lead wires (3)
Sensor dimensions 11.2 cm x 5.8 cm x .075 cm
Data logger compatibility (not exclusive) METER Em50/50G, EM60/60G, ProCheck
Expected lifetime 2+ years of continuous use
Warranty One year, parts and labor

More options:

E-240-40019 - PHYTOS-31 Leaf Wetness Sensor w/ bare tinned lead wires, 5m cable
E-240-40018 - PHYTOS-31 Leaf Wetness Sensor Custom