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LISST-200X: Submersible Particle Size Analyzer

  • Model: E-J48-LISST-200X
  • Manufactured by: Sequoia Scientific

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Product Description:

Particle and sediment sensor holding calibration FOR LIFE!

The LISST-200X is Sequoia’s workhorse. It is a self-contained submersible laser diffraction particle size analyzer, designed for measuring suspended particle size and concentration in the aquatic environment – oceans, rivers, lakes, streams. A fast response temperature sensor and a high-resolution depth sensor makes it suitable for profiling or towing. With Sequoia’s optional BioBlock accessory it can be deployed for months on moorings or landers for long-term studies. For the system integrator, the LISST-200X can power and accept inputs from up to three external analog sensors. Data can be output in real time. The LISST-200X is typically used for sediment, (harmful) algae, oil-spill, ocean optics, visibility, dredging, aquaculture, environmental and laboratory applications.


  • Small angle forward scattering laser diffraction technology
  • Measures particle size, concentration, beam attenuation, VSF, depth, temperature
  • Self-contained with internal programmable datalogger for autonomous data collection
  • Externally powered (short- and long-term deployment battery packs included)
  • USB connection to PC for programming, offloading and real-time size distribution displays
  • Integrated depth and fast response temperature sensors
  • Power and integrate up to three external analog sensors
  • Analog output of mean particle size and total volume concentration for CTD integration
  • Real-time output of complete Particle Size Distribution (for s/n 2131 and higher)
  • Wide range of accessories available