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Grundfos MP 1 (Redi-Flo 2) Submersible Pump Sets

  • Model: E-365-Redi-Flo 2
  • Manufactured by: Hoskin Scientific Limited

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Product Description:

The Grundfos MP 1 (Redi-Flo 2) pump used in the Grundfos MP 1 (Redi-Flo 2) submersible pump sets is specially designed for purging and sampling monitoring wells with a diameter of at least 50 mm and a depth to 90 meters. The pump motor is controlled by a special adjustable frequency converter. Since the frequency is continuously adjustable, the capacity of the Grundfos MP 1 (Redi-Flo 2) pump can be controlled from 0 to 2 m3/hour. This creates a constant flow of anaerobic water.

Each new measurement must be purged before samples can be taken. The large capacity of the Grundfos MP 1 (Redi-Flo 2) pump ensures that the measuring point is quickly purged. By setting it at a lower pumping capacity, the Grundfos MP 1 (Redi-Flo 2) can also be used for sampling. Built-in safeguards protect the Grundfos MP 1 (Redi-Flo 2) pump and frequency converter against overloads. The actual frequency can be read out on a display.


  • High pumping capacity for purging, slow pumping for sampling
  • Easy to install; mobile
  • Resistant to corrosive liquids
  • The pumped material only comes into contact with stainless steel and Teflon
  • Anaerobic sampling
  • Simple cleaning procedures

Grundfos MP 1 (Redi-Flo 2) submersible pump sets

The standard sets include: the Grundfos MP 1 (Redi-Flo 2) submersible pump, frequency converter, cooling jacket, service set, cable, hose with connection, hose reel cart and service kit. All materials in the set are fully assembled. Also available in a complete pump set, ask us about it.

RediFlo2 Pump, cable and Controller

E-365-122750 Submersible pump Redi-Flo2, excl. cable
E-365-122747 Frequency converter
E-365-122751 cable 100ft.
E-365-122752 cable 200ft.
E-365-122753 cable 300ft.


E476-HDPE 5/8-100 5/8" High Density Polyethylene Tubing-100' roll…
E476-HDPE 5/8-200 5/8" HDPE-200'
E476-HDPE 5/8-500 5/8" HDPE-500'
E476-L50-100 5/8" Low Density Polyethylene Tubing-100' roll…
E476-L50-200 5/8" LDPE-200'
E476-L50-500 5/8" LDPE-500'
Other tubing materials Teflon, Teflon FEP, Vinyl on request

Accessories and Parts

E-365-122712 Flange, stainless steel,
E-365-122729 Suspension cable, stainless steel
E-365-122785 Mounting pump & tube on hose reel cart
E-365-12274301 Kit, MP1 Complete Pump End
E-365-12274302 Suction interconnector/spare
E-365-12274303 Spare, MP1 Discharge 3/4 RP
E-365-12274304 Cooling jacket cpl. MP1/spare