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  • Model: E-I34-CEESCOPE
  • Manufactured by: CEE HydroSystems

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Product Description:
The ‘all in one’ portable single beam echo sounder and GPS survey solution for any boat anytime.

CEESCOPE™ is a state of the art portable hydrographic surveying system with advanced capabilities in a truly compact package. Coupling powerful built-in RTK GNSS with a survey grade echo sounder in a single waterproof enclosure, it represents the ultimate in shallow water single beam survey systems.

Survey grade echo sounder data including a full water column echo envelope are combined with GNSS position in a simplified and easy to use one-box solution for hydrographic surveying. On-board GNSS receiver options from Trimble, Hemisphere, and NovAtel provide flexibility to meet varying survey and budget requirements. The CEESCOPE™ RTK includes a built-in RTK GNSS and UHF radio modem, allowing incorporation into existing RTK base station networks with no additional hardware on the survey boat.