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iSIC V2 Data Logger

  • Model: E-F33-iSIC V2
  • Manufactured by: NexSens

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Product Description:
With numerous real-time telemetry and sensor interface options, the iSIC data logger is ideal for a wide range of environmental data collection applications.

Solar or AC Charging - Configured with a long-life, 8.5 A-Hr SLA battery, the data logger can operate for weeks on a single charge. Adding a solar panel or AC float charger allows the system to run continuously.

Mast Mount Option - MAST systems are pre-built to a 2" diameter x 24" aluminum mast with solar panel and wireless communications. Simply thread the system onto a mating 2" NPT pole and begin collecting data.

Stainless Steel Enclosure Option - AVSS systems are pre-mounted in a 24" x 16" x 8" enclosure with 26 Amp-Hr battery for high power or vandal-prone applications. The included triangle key is required for access to the enclosure.

Sensor Connections - Connect to water quality sondes, water level sensors, weather sensors, soil sensors, and more. Sensor interface options include RS-232, RS-485, SD-12, VDC, mA, and pulse count.

Communication Options - Real-time telemetry options include cellular, radio, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, satellite, radio-to-cellular, and radio-to-Ethernet. All communication modules are securely housed within the enclosure.

Analog Inputs(4) differential or (8) single-ended, additional (4) differential or (8) single-ended optional, 0-2.5 V auto range, 12-bit resolution
Analog Outputs(1) 12-bit channel, 0-2.5 V programmable
Power Outputs(1) 12 V 250 mA configurable switch, (1) 5 V 50 mA analog excitation voltage, (1) 12 V output, fused from battery
Pulse Counters(1) tipping bucket counter, max rate: 10 Hz
Digital I/O Ports(2) standard generic I/O ports
1-Wire Interface(1) 1-wire temperature sensor port
SDI-12 Interface(1) SDI-12 port
RS-485 Interface(1) RS-485 port
RS-232 Interface(3) RS-232 sensor ports, (3) additional optional
Host Interface(1) RS-232 or (1) RS-485 port configurable
Supported Serial Comm ProtocolsNMEA 0183 or Modbus RTU
Internal Memory2 MB Flash memory, over 500,000 data points minimum
Power RequirementsVoltage: 10.7 to 16 VDC
Typical Current DrawData Logger: 2.5 mA sleep, 10 mA processing, 36 mA analog measurement; Cellular Modem: 350 mA receive/transmit typical, 104 mA idle; Radio Modem: 86 mA receive, 500 mA transmit, 21 mA idle,< 1 mA power off; Wi-Fi Modem: 92mA continuous; Ethernet Modem: 120mA transmit/receive, 82mA idle; Satellite Modem: 550-850mA transmit, 80mA standby, 30uA sleep
Battery12 V 8.5 A-Hr battery, internal
Temperature Range-20 to +70°C
DimensionsNEMA 4X enclosure: 12” x 8.5” x 6.95”
Compatible Sensors4-20 mA sensors, 0-2.5 V sensors, SDI-12 sensors, RS-232 sensors, RS-485 sensors, Modbus RTU sensors, NMEA 0183 sensors, 1-Wire temperature sensors, Thermistor sensors, Tipping bucket rain gauges
Cellular ProtocolGSM/GPRS, EDGE, CDMA
Supported Cellular CarriersAT&T, Verizon, Sprint
Radio Frequency Range902-928 MHz
Radio Communication Range40 miles line of sight, extended range with repeaters
Satellite Frequency Range1616-1626.5 MHz