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IQ SensorNet Interface Level Probes

  • Model: E-528-481 201Y
  • Manufactured by: YSI

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Product Description:

Digital ultrasonic interface sludge level sensor for use with the IQ SensorNet terminals 182, 182 XT, 182 XT-4 and 2020 XT.

During the wastewater treatment process, the measurement of the interface level between liquids is of vital importance for optimal performance and trouble-free operation of the wastewater facility.

Using an accurate, reliable, and proven interface/sludge level sensor as part of your process control regime is essential.

With the YSI IFL (interface level) sensor, you will receive high quality data on a continuous, real-time basis - with minimal maintenance.

The IFL 700 Series IQ sensors employ the following features:

Intelligent signal processing - filters out undesired signals caused by floating sludge, internal fittings, or moving skimmers.

Echo profile - detailed display of density of reflecting particles for graphical visualization

The IFL can only be used with the process monitors IQ SensorNet 182, 182 XT, 182 XT-4 or the IQ SensorNet 2020 XT.

E-528-481 201Y
IQ SensorNet Digital, Ultrasonic Probe

E-528-481 200Y
IQ SensorNet Digital, Ultrasonic Probe with Automatic Cleaning Wiper

Measurement Method / Channels Ultrasound echo measurement (ultrasonic)
Measurement Range 0.4 to 15 m (1.32 to 49.21 ft)
Operating pH Range 4 to 12 units
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 °C (31 to 122 °F)
Parameters Measured Interface sludge level
Precision Accuracy - 0.1 m (0.3 ft)
Smart Sensors / Ports Yes
Storage Temperature -5 to 50 °C (23 to 122 °F)
Unit of Measure feet, meters
User Replaceable Yes
Warranty 2 years
Waterproof IP-68