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IQ SensorNet TetraCon® 700 IQ SW Sensor

  • Model: E-528-302 501Y
  • Manufactured by: YSI

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Product Description:

Submersible Conductivity probe for IQ System, requires cable assembly

IQ SensorNet TetraCon® sensors for conductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids (TDS). 

  • 4-electrode design
  • Robust and durable in the field
  • Wide measurement range
  • Fouling resistant
  • 2-year warranty
Measurement Method / Channels Conductivity sensor with 4-electrode measuring cell, Integrated microprocessor electronics, shielded 2-wire connection for power and data transmission.
Measurement Range

0.00 to 20.00 µS/cm
0.0 to 200.0 µS/cm
0.000 to 2.000 mS/cm
0.00 to 20.00 mS/cm
0.0 to 200.0 mS/cm
0 to 500 mS/cm
0 to 70 ppt
0 to 2000 mg/L
±1.5% of reading without calibration
±0.7% of reading with calibration

Operating pH Range 4 to 12
Operating Temperature 32 to 140°F (0 to 60°C)
Parameters Measured Conductivity, Salinity, TDS
Cell Constant

K=0.917 cm (in free solution)
K=0.933 cm (with flow thru adapter)

Sampling Yes
Smart Sensors / Ports Yes
Storage Temperature 23 to 149 °F (- 5 °C to + 65 °C)
Unit of Measure µS/cm, mg/L, ppt
Warranty 2 years
Waterproof IP-68