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IQ SensorNet SensoLyt® 700 IQ SW Sensors

  • Model: E-528-109 170Y
  • Manufactured by: YSI

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Product Description:

IQ SensorNet SensoLyt® sensors for pH and ORP. 

  • SensCheck function monitors sensors
  • Electrodes are protected
  • Easily replace electrodes without tools as needed
  • Pre-amplified sensors
  • Digital sensors store calibration
  • 2-year warranty (6-months electrodes)
Measurement Method / Channels Integrated microprocessor electronics, shielded 2-wire connection for power and data transmission., Potentiometric measurement using a combination electrode
Measurement Range pH: 0.00 to 14.00 (depending on the electrode) ORP: -2000 mV to +2000 mV (depending on the electrode)
Operating pH Range 4 to 12
Operating Temperature 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
Parameters Measured pH/ ORP
Sampling Yes
Smart Sensors / Ports Yes
Storage Temperature 23 to 149 °F (- 5 °C to + 65 °C)
Unit of Measure mV, pH
Warranty 2 years (electrodes 6 months)
Waterproof Sensor with installed combination electrode and including SACIQ (SW) sensor connection cable is IP-68. Sensor plug head connector without sensor connection cable (sensor with installed combination electrode) is IP 67.


Electrode Type

pH (gel elctrode with
single pinhole diaphragm)

ph (gel-polymer solid
electrolyte with double pinhole diaphragm; AgCI free and resistant to sulfides)
pH (modified gel
electrolyte with single
pinhole diaphragm)
ORP mV (gel-polymer
solid electrolyte
with double pinhole
Model Number E-528-109 117Y E-528-109 115Y
E-528-109 118Y
E-528-109 119Y E-528-109 125Y
Range 2 to 12 pH units and
4 to 12 pH units
0 to 14 pH units 2 to 12 pH units ±2000 mV
(depends on terminal)
Application standard wastewater seawater/high pressure drinking water