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C-sense Logger Submersible water logger for monitoring pCO2

  • Model: E-E22-3200
  • Manufactured by: PME

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Product Description:
The C-sense Logger is a submersible, portable device that records pCO2 over a period of time. Data are collected at a variety of sample rates, selected by the customer, and stored internally. Data are offloaded to a computer via a USB cable for easy viewing and analysis.
  • Portable and submersible
  • 4GB Internal storage
  • Re-Chargeable batteries
  • USB interface
  • Long lasting in field
  • User-friendly
  • 600 meter depth rating
  • Visualization software included

Each recorded sample includes the sensor measurement, time, date, and temperature. PME adapted their logger technology to the Turner Designs C-sense sensor and re-chargeable battery pack in order to produce a complete submersible logger for users. It is designed for applications immersed in water, oil or water and oil mixtures.

The logger components have been specifically designed to fit nicely inside the Turner Designs re-chargeable battery housing. The C-sense sensor plugs directly onto the battery pack and logger using submersible connectors and cables. The entire system can be deployed to 600 meters. Turner Designs and PME designed the logger to be easy to use and portable.

The C-sense Logger arrives ready to go. It is set to measure and record time, battery voltage, temperature, and CO2 sensor output once every 10 minutes and write 1 file of measurements daily. It is possible to change the sample rate of the logger by using the software provided. The C-sense probes are purchased from Turner Designs and integrated onto the PME data logger.

Sample Interval Minutes Days of SamplingNumber of Samples
1 minute 7 10,000
10 minutes 20 3,000
60 minutes 120 3,000
Measurement Ranges1000ppm, 2000ppm, 4000ppm
Accuracy3% of full scale
Depth600 Meters