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EXO NitraLED UV Nitrate Sensor

  • Model: E-528-608040
  • Manufactured by: YSI

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Nitrate Monitoring, Enlightened. EXO NitraLED is the world’s most accessible UV Nitrate sensor. Utilizing state-of-the-art UV LED technology, EXO NitraLED™ is an optical nitrate sensor designed for long-term, low-drift monitoring. Built-in corrections for Natural Organic Matter (NOM) and Turbidity minimize interference in freshwater environments. Its compact form factor allows for seamless integration with any EXO Sonde. EXO NitraLED measures NO3-N (or nitrate-N) in mg/L (mg/L-N).

LIGHT UP YOUR MONITORING! Expand and enhance your water quality monitoring program with UV Nitrate for more informed decision making.

LIGHTEN YOUR BUDGET! The world’s most accessible monitoring solution for nitrate, at a fraction of the cost of lamp-based monitors.

LIGHTEN YOUR LOAD! Fits in the palm of your hand—and integrates directly into any EXO Sonde. No external hardware required!

Powerful Technology - EXO NitraLED employs two UV LEDs for measuring nitrate + nitrite absorbance while compensating for interference from natural organic matter. The absorbance is proportional to the concentration of Nitrate as Nitrogen. The EXO Turbidity Sensor is used for real-time turbidity compensation.

Additional Water Quality Sensors - EXO’s multiple sensor ports allow users to supplement nitrate data with additional water quality parameters. This enables a broader analysis of environmental conditions and impacts. EXO NitraLED provides a more comprehensive understanding of water conditions leading to more informed decision making.

Fits in the Palm of Your Hand - With recent advances in UV-LED technology, YSI has produced an optical Nitrate sensor in a compact form-factor that fits in the palm of your hand. This enables the sensor to fit in the existing EXO bulkhead without need for any modification. All EXO probe guards and flow cells still work with EXO NitraLED.

Easy Deployments - With reduced power consumption, the sensor runs off of the EXO Sonde’s user-replaceable batteries. The sonde includes built-in memory for internal logging which allows for simple, autonomous deployments without the cost and burden of external hardware. No new infrastructure required.

User Calibration - EXO NitraLED gives users the ability to calibrate when needed. Kor Software allows for simple 2-point calibration with stability indicators and helpful tips. A calibration report is automatically generated at the end for record keeping.

A Revolution in Nitrate Monitoring - Existing nitrate monitors are expensive. With increasing cases of HABs and hypoxia, users need lower cost and higher volume water monitoring solutions. Wide area coverage is key for detecting and mitigating pollution at the source. With EXO NitraLED, you can have cost-effective nitrate monitoring practically anywhere you have an EXO Sonde.

Intuitive Interface - EXO NitraLED uses the same Kor Software and accessories as the EXO Sonde; no need to learn a new interface. If you are new to EXO, Kor Software is a simple interface for efficient setup and operation. SmartQC indicators provide peace of mind before deployments.

Extended Deployments - The EXO Central Wiper combined with the new NitraLED Wiper Brush protects all the sensors from fouling and ensures data integrity over long deployment intervals. A unique arm extension with dual-bristle design wipes smoothly through the nitrate sensing window, keeping a clean sample path and reducing the number of trips to the field.

Required Products
EXO NitraLED is compatible with all other EXO Smart Sensors and accessories. Along with those existing components, we are releasing two new accessories to help with long-term monitoring. The first is a Sensor Alignment Ring designed to hold the sensors tightly together and minimize any movement during cleaning. The second is a new Wiper Brush designed for use specifically with EXO NitraLED. This brush installs on your existing Central Wiper and cleans all of your EXO sensors as well as the Nitrate sensing window.

EXO1: 4-Port Water Quality EXO Sonde

EXO2: 7-Port Water Quality EXO Sonde

EXO3: 5-Port Water Quality EXO Sonde

• EXO NitraLED Sensor (item 608040)

• EXO2/EXO3 Sensor Alignment Ring (608080)

• NitraLED Wiper Brush (608085)

• EXO NitraLED Kit which includes each of those parts (608090)